14U Coaching Staff

Jazelle Wyatt-Dixon
14U-7th Grade Coach

Born and raised in Vancouver, WA. I graduated from Fort Vancouver High School in 2014. I was a 3 year varsity volleyball player, outside hitter but also played all the way around. After I graduated I was granted an opportunity to be the schools game manager. I would get the gym all set up for game days and then run the score boards. Nothing felt better than being able to give back to the school I graduated from. I still felt this emptiness inside, like I needed and wanted to do more than what I was doing. 
When I turned 21, I was granted THE BEST OPPORTUNITY OF MY LIFE. I got an offer to coach the C2 team for Fort Vancouver High School. From that point forward I knew that coaching is something I wanted to do until I’m not able to walk anymore, but even then that won’t stop me. At the end of my first year coaching, I realized that I needed to take it down a level and go to a younger age. 
This is now my second year coaching the Roosevelt PIL Youth Cluster Middle School Team. Last year I coached 6th grade and this year I was able to move up with my same girls and be their 7th grade coach. I wanted to be with the younger girls because I always wished growing up that I had a positive role model to look up to that wasn’t just my mom. I want these girls to have the best time of their lives playing the sport we all love so much, VOLLEYBALL!

I am so excited to be here! Thank you for having me!

Gloria Garcia-Rodriguez
14U-8th Grade Coach

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Kristi Williams
14U-Mixed Grade

Born and raised in the wonderful PNW, a 1998 graduate of Reynolds High School, I found my love of volleyball in middle school and played throughout high school as well as participated in club volleyball. As a sports enthusiast, I also enjoyed playing softball in high school. My passion for volleyball continues as I participate in adult volleyball leagues. I not only love the sport, but I cherish the friendships that I have formed over the years. I’ve managed to pass the love of volleyball on to my husband and two girls (age 11 and 14) who all participate in league volleyball! I have been an Educational Assistant and most recently, a Para Educator Substitute, for Portland Public Schools for five years. I look forward to coaching for MVA and being able to pass my passion for the game on to young girls and assist in their development.