14U Team(s)

Metro Volleyball Academy believes that players must be challenged at their own age and ability levels to improve performance. Along with the physical development needed to excel in any sport, the environment in which we place players during practice and games should promote fun and enjoyment, along with learning and understanding. It is our aim to provide countless opportunities for players to enjoy and master the fundamentals of volleyball.

MVA’s 14U program is designed to meet the needs of the experienced middle school player. Fundamental volleyball skills, concentrated work time and specific feedback will help players develop a foundation to prepare for more competitive play.  Less emphasis is placed on specialized positions, instead we continue to encourage the all-around player. Volleyball behaviors (communication, routines, responsibilities, effort, decision-making), court positioning and attack options are incorporated into our practice and play to build a deeper knowledge of position-specific skills.

As an organization, we lead by example and strive to enhance the values of teamwork, responsibility and self-discipline into (y)our athletes. 

As a club, we are committed to making sure that cost does not interfere with an athlete’s opportunity to participate. If your family would appreciate financial support for fees associated with club play, please reach out directly to our club director or facility owner. ***Team costs have significantly increased from last year…please let me tell you why and how: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are choosing to limit team rosters to 10 players, instead of 12; Coaches monthly stipends will increase by 20%, since cleaning and disinfecting equipment after EVERY practice, will be added to their job description; Metro’s facility cleaning protocol requires 8 hours/week these days, compared to the 3 hours/week before coronavirus. Again, it is crucial that you reach out to Gloria or Anna BEFORE tryouts to discuss any financial hardships or support needs.***

Cost: $2000
$800 deposit + (4) monthly $300 payments