Basketball – 4 vs. 4 Winter League

Metro Courts, Inc. 4vs4 Winter Basketball League begins on Saturday, January 18th. Each age bracket will field six (6) teams. Teams will play two (2) games per week for six (6) weeks. Register as an individual player and make a note of your teammates names when checking out.

January 18, 25 | February 1, 8, 15, 22

12U Bracket
5th:6th:7th Graders
Game Time: 5pm-7pm

14U Bracket
7th:8th:9th Graders
Game Time: 7pm-9pm

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • Each team must have a minimum of (4) players and may consist of a maximum of (5) players. 
  • No parents or coaches allowed.
  • You are here to play, so put your phone away!!!
  • Two (10) minute halves with running clock; (5) minute warm up; (2) minute half-time. Each team is allowed a single minute timeout per game. The clock will stop during timeouts.
  • Baskets are worth (1) point.
  • Play to 15; must win by (2) points. In the case of a tie, game winner will be determined in a free throw shootout. Four (4) total shots will be taken per team.
  • Substitutions may only be made during a timeout or dead ball situation.
  • The ball MUST change possession after each scored basket.
  • All inbounds plays (after a scored basket, any type of foul, violation or ball out of bounds) will be checked in above safety zone (no pressure zone).
  • Stalling is prohibited at all times. Stalling is described as not actively attempting to advance the basketball toward the basket in an attempt to run out the game clock to preserve a win.
  • Intentional fouls, flagrant fouls and technical fouls will result in a one point deduction and possession of the ball for the offending team’s opponent. Excessive fouls of this nature will result in suspension from play.
  • Off teams will work between games. We appreciate and expect your full attention while scoring.