Volleyball – 4 vs. 4 League

Metro Courts, Inc. and Metro Volleyball Academy believe that players must be challenged at their own age and ability levels to improve performance. Along with the physical development needed to excel in any sport, the environment in which we place players during practice and games should promote fun and enjoyment, along with learning and understanding. It is our aim to provide countless opportunities for players to enjoy and master the fundamentals of volleyball.

In many other team sports, smaller-sided games are played in order to develop players’ technical skills, provide more touches on the ball, improve players decision making skills, and to increase game understanding. Mini Volleyball has been developed as a modified version of the sport, allowing children to engage in the game and find success at a much younger age. 

Metro Volleyball Academy will host a small-sided Mini Volleyball 4vs4 league at Metro Courts this fall. Volleyball Australia’s Playing for Life Mini Volleyball Rules will be used to ensure the success of every participating athlete. The major modifications that will be implemented are:

🏐 A smaller sized court, so that players have to defend less area
🏐 A lower net height to increase the likelihood of the ball going over the net
🏐 A softer and lighter ball that reduces impact
🏐 4-players on the court rather than 6, to increase the involvement of players
🏐 Forced rotation if a player wins 3 serves in a row

Additional Info:
🏐 Leagues will be formed for two age range divisions: 8-10yr olds and 10-12yr olds
🏐 Academy style practices will be offered two days per week (90 minutes each)
🏐 Choose either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday practices
🏐 Two (2) games (Round Robin style) will be scheduled sometime between
10:00am- 1:30pm on Sundays for seven (7) weeks 

Season Schedule
Practice begins Tuesday, September 3
Games begin Sunday, September 15 and run weekly through November 10. No games November 3 (Club Volleyball Tryouts). A double elimination championship tournament will take place November 10.

There are (3) ways that a player/team can participate in MVA’s 4vs4 Fall Volleyball League.
1. Register as an individual player and MVA will assign you to a team.
2. Register as a team (5-6 players; choose the same practice days).
3. Register your school/friendship team for GAMES ONLY (5-6 players, no coach needed).

League Costs
Metro Volleyball Academy Teams
30 hours of practice/instruction
(3 hours/week for 10 weeks x $25/week)
14 Games
(7 Sundays x $10/week | Tournament is FREE)
MVA Uniform
Total $350/Player

Games Only Teams
14 Games
(7 Sundays x $10/week | Tournament is FREE)